Le Whit is a multi-disciplinary studio that practices in architectural and interior design. Focused on creating the unexpected, we tailor spaces to our clients' individual stories and find narrative in every corner of the room.

Liza Curtiss came to interior design by way of the theater. Turning her focus from impermanent environments to spaces with staying power, Liza has lead design teams at major retail stores such as West Elm and Totokaelo, and has worked with award-winning interior design offices in Seattle and San Francisco. Liza has always been inspired by stories, and seeks to celebrate her clients' lives in the places they inhabit.

Corey Kingston is a trained architect who has worked around the country at offices in New York City and Seattle. Along with her expertise in architecture and interior design, Corey is also fluent in construction management, graphic design, styling, and brand identity. She views her role as an architectural designer to encompass all aspects of the built environment, elevating the everyday experience for her clients